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The Top 10 Most Complicated Watches of 2012

U-Boat replica watchesInvited to Athens by the Archaeological Museum of Athens the well-known Swiss watchmaker created the "Tribute to the Antikythera Mechanism", movement that is one of the most mysterious objects ever discovered in the history of civilisation. This amazing astronomical calculator displays the cycles of the sun, moon, and planets with the highest precision. It is believed to date back to the 2nd Century BC. U-Boat replica watches's project will not be commercial. It was only four Antikythera mechanism that were produced as it was revealed.

U-Boat replica watches paid tribute to the Antiquity masterpiece by remaking the mechanism in miniature. U-Boat replica watches created a wristwatch movement that includes hours, minutes,U-Boat replica watches and a tourbillon escapement. The watch's two sides faithfully display the various indications from the original Antikythera. On the front, you will find the Panhellenic calendar, the Egyptian calendar and movements and phases for the Moon within the Zodiac constellations. This unique mechanism displays the lunar/solar astronomical cycle of Callippic, Metonic and Saros on the back-side.

U-Boat replica watches's team did an amazing job.Richard Mille Replica Watches It kept the spirit and architecture of the original while ensuring accuracy and readability. The Swiss watchmakers also included a traditional hours and minutes function. This is controlled by a standard one-minute tourbillon. The hand-winding mechanism is contained in a titanium case measuring 49.9x50.0mm.

The Parmigiani Toric Capitole is a unique minute repeater watch inspired by the Neuchatel pocket watch of Perrin Freres. Parmigiani created the extraordinary Calibre PF321 hand-winding mechanism. This, along with the minute repeater and fluted cathedral chimes, provides a unique way to display time in the half-moon section.